HubSpot Integration Plugin for Magento


You must use it to boost sales in your Magento store. The Magento Hubspot Integration enables syncing your Magento 2 store with HubSpot using E-Commerce Bridge API. Whether you want to increase leads, boost sales, organize your contacts or better serve your customers, Hubspot has a solution to help you out. The Hubspot Integration for Magento 2 helps to recover abandoned carts, re-engage your customers, and increase repeat purchases. The HubSpot Integration syncs sales, customer, products, and abandoned cart data on your HubSpot from the Magento store. When you integrate HubSpot with Magento, Magento syncs data consistently over an interval that you will decide. The Hubspot integration passes data from your Magento store to Hubspot. Hubspot CRM integration will help you increase online sales and earn customer loyalty.


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